Cappadocia Camel Tour

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On this tour, guests can choose one of our 1,2,3,4 hours or 8 hours of camel tours for a full day. The most preferred version is the one with 2 hours of balloon watching very early or again with 2 hours of sunset. In our Cappadocia Camel Tours, a distance of 3 km (1 hour tour) to 15 km (full day tour) can be covered by combining several valleys or within a single valley, depending on the tour time you want to join, accompanied by our professional riding instructor and team who know the valleys closely. In this tour, it is aimed to take a Camel tour in the most famous valleys of the region, which is located in the center of Cappadocia.

What awaits you?

Get ready for our Camel Riding Tour to explore Cappadocia in a unique and enjoyable way. As you embark on this unique journey, experience the serene rhythm of camel footsteps as you traverse the stunning landscapes of Cappadocia. Let the gentle rocking motions of camels guide you through ancient valleys and surrealist rock formations; This offers a serene and absorbing encounter with the extraordinary beauty of the area. This tour is not just a means of transportation; this is a cultural and sensory experience that allows you to connect to the rich history of Cappadocia in a calm and unhurried way. Enjoy the combination of natural wonders and the peaceful companionship of these gentle creatures and ensure that your Camel Riding Tour is an unforgettable and harmonious adventure in the heart of Cappadocia.

Our camel tours will be organized according to the daily conditions for the valleys mentioned below.

  • Red Pitting Valley
  • Gulludere-1 Valley
  • Güllüdere-2 Valley
  • Meskendir Valley
  • Love Valley
  • Pigeon Valley
  • Zemi Valley
  • Balkan Creek
  • Valley of Swords
  • Monk-Priest Valley
  • Pancarlık Valley
  • Stirrup Valley

Short basic training is provided for beginner guests.

Our camels are trained, clean and docile.

Guests do not have to pay in advance for this tour.

The booking confirmation can be made mutually by filling out our booking form and sending it to us or by contacting us by phone.

Our Operations Team will ask you for your hotel room number and hotel name.

Our tour can start early in the morning for daytime camel tours or at any time in the evening for the summer period for other periods.

For example, you can watch the balloons and do a camel tour while the balloons are flying very early, or you can come across a spot where you can watch the sunset and the evening, and then you can take a camel tour and then watch the sunset. For much more of these, we encourage you to contact us and get our recommendations.

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